A Terrific Experience

“Thank you to all of you that work here. Front desk, back room, the people we haven’t met, even the people that deal with the insurance stuff…

It’s just been a terrific experience and I’ve never felt judged for being skeptical.”

Unexpected Outcomes

“I honestly did not expect this from him, I thought it was not going to happen… He was afraid of walking, he would always fall. A couple days ago I turned around and I saw him [walking].

…I want to thank you for being very patient and to give him the opportunity.”

Universal Access to Childhood

“The engineer adapted her twinkle toe sneakers, so to be able to have your cute, twinkle toe shoes adapted to fit your needs really really impressed me. It also impressed her, she can twinkle all day. And it impressed her physical therapist, she’s doing very very well in them.

…Thank you for giving my baby universal access to childhood, because that’s what it means.”


“It’s changed my life. Got me out of the wheelchair. Got me back to work. So, everything is coming back, that’s all I want is my normal.

…It’s very helpful to come in and be greeted with a big smile. Your professionalism and just getting it done, getting it done right, and getting it done quickly has helped change my life.”

A World of Difference

“She didn’t have a lot of the advantages that she can get here and orthotics are one of the things that she didn’t have access to. Just to see them walk around the house without them… and it’s just a world of difference with the orthotics.

…We really like the service that we get here. The people that help us are always so nice and friendly, especially when they were little and really good with the kids.”