Technology Leads to More Effective, Less Stressful Treatments2022-07-05T15:16:11+00:00

Technology Leads to More Effective,
Less Stressful Treatments

Transcend is continually looking for ways to improve treatment practices through innovation and technology. One great example of this advancement is the use of 7-axis-carvers. Although these machines are typically used in the automotive industry to cut metal, we’ve found a very different, and very beneficial, application.

Carvers are utilized in the fabrication of a variety of devices, the most common being the TLSO, a pediatric back brace that helps manage the growth of young spines. Without this technology, patients would have to sit through the messy, time-consuming process of casting. This can be especially difficult for little ones who have sensory concerns.

Carvers allow our orthotists to skip that step entirely. They simply record 29 specific measurements, which are then uploaded into CAD software. It’s easy and effective, and a great example of making healthcare visits quicker, simpler, and more comfortable.

In as little as six minutes, the carver can whittle the foam into an anatomically accurate replica of a patient’s torso. As a block of foam inside rotates, the robotic arm works similarly to our own shoulder, elbow, and wrist. It bends and twists in order to approach from the perfect angle, cutting as it moves. This whole process is done with speed and precision.

“This cutting-edge technology provides better patient outcomes,” Eric Schopmeyer, Regional Clinical Operations Manager, said. “We can be more precise and more accurate while eliminating the stress of a traditional casting process.”

Extreme innovation is a priority at Transcend Orthotics and Prosthetics. In fact, it is one of the seven pillars of our company culture and a focus of everything we do.