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Supporting our Partners: Documentation Aids

Many insurance companies are requesting more documentation for patients with orthotic and prosthetic needs. Transcend understands the additional burden these requests can place on you and your ability to serve your patients. To ease the burden of this challenge, we have prepared a Documentation Assistance Guide as well as a step-by-step video tutorial.

The guide and video outlines essential information that will help you submit complete and relevant information to insurance companies, such as notes on outcome measures for your patient and how to best address the “what” and “why” for each device’s medical necessity.  This and other important information can facilitate getting approval for orthotics and prosthetics as quickly as possible.

Descriptive key points are necessary when addressing the patient’s unmet need(s). Because we’re providing someone with a device, it is essential to discuss the need(s) that device is meeting. Keep the following in mind:

  • Clearly state your goal: Take the reviewer on the patient’s journey.
  • Discuss what’s unique to this particular patient. For example, speak to the specific “child,” not the general “children.”
  • Remember that goals are individual.
  • If you had to breakdown the “why” to parents, what would you say?

Download the Full Documentation Assistance Guide

You can also visit our Contact Us page to submit a request for a laminated version of our guide.