Summer is on the way…2021-05-04T03:38:03+00:00

Summer is on the way…

…and Transcend is looking forward to warm months and time spent outside!

Summer is on the way

As we approach the end of the school year, there have probably been some changes in protocols within your district. Schools have started to transition back to in-person or provide hybrid options for students. This may leave you wondering if there is help available to ensure students are taken care of for their orthotic and prosthetic needs.

We are here for you! At Transcend, we want to partner with you to make sure students can receive the care they need both during the end of this school year and into the summer.

No matter what teaching style your local school adopted, continuing to work with Transcend will ensure:

  • Prompt service
  • Properly fit devices
  • Opportunities for successful clinical outcomes

As you prepare for the next few months, here are several ways we can help:

How can Transcend help my students get timely service?

Students can come to our office for an initial evaluation and assessment, even if they have not yet received therapy services. We will partner with you to determine the best treatment plan. Please keep in mind some states require a prescription from an MD or DO before seeing an orthotist.

Is it possible for Transcend to come to the school for kiddos who can’t make it to the office?

If you have several kiddos on your schedule who would benefit from a clinic, we are happy to schedule a date to work with you directly in the school. We have a fleet of mobile labs that allow us to evaluate, adjust, and deliver devices outside our offices. Please contact your local Transcend office to speak with the office manager.

What is Transcend’s schedule like as we approach Summer?

Transcend is open and excited to see patients at our offices in person! At this time, we are requiring patients to wear a mask and ask that they limit their accompanying parties to one or two persons. For hours of operation, please visit our locations page.