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School Is Back in Session & Transcend Is Here to Help!

Transcend Orthotics & Prosthetics is proud to serve the schools in our local communities, ensuring students can receive the care they need during the school year.

Our goal is to serve children who need orthotics or prosthetics, providing high-quality services and devices while making the experience as easy and convenient as we can for the patient, family, and healthcare team. Why is Transcend unique? Our clinicians will travel directly to the school or a neighboring clinic for accessible, no-cost evaluations. When it is time to fit braces or prosthetics, we have state-of-the-art mobile labs where we can adjust, customize, and repair to ensure optimal fit and function without the need to take the device back to the lab—which would leave a kiddo without the much-needed and often necessary mobility that our systems provide.

Here’s a snapshot of how the process works:

  • Transcend receives a referral from a school therapist and schedules a clinic at your school to evaluate needs.
  • Our clinical admin team will work directly with each patient’s guardian to fill out patient intake forms electronically, ensuring we receive the patient’s insurance information.
  • Transcend obtains the prescription from the child’s doctor.
  • The patient has an evaluation appointment, then gets fitted with an appropriate device(s) in a secondary appointment.

For more information on partnering with Transcend, contact us here to schedule a lunch and learn with our local clinicians.

We look forward to working with you this school year!