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Meet Rob Novak, Avid Biker & Outdoorsman.

Rob Novak is a certified orthotist and practice manager of Transcend’s Chicagoland locations. Our main offices are in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and Merrillville, Indiana.

Rob began his career in O&P at Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he spent 14 years honing his skills as an orthotist. His passion for helping children came full circle when he treated his daughter for toe walking at the age of 3.

“I love working with children and seeing their progress when using an orthotic device,” Rob said. “But when I saw my daughter toe walking, my passion for orthotic intervention really took off. Being able to watch her develop each day reminded me of how much of an impact an orthotic device can have on a person’s life.”

Rob brought his passion for pediatrics to the Transcend family in 2016 as a practice manager and orthotist. While he uses many different brands and styles of devices, he is an expert in the Surestep brand of orthotics.

One of Rob’s favorite Surestep devices is the toe walking, open heel SMO. This combination checks off many treatment needs in one device. The open heel adds proprioceptive feedback, and the toe walking extension is a kinesthetic reminder for a child who toe walks. “With just one device, a child can experience so many benefits,” he said, adding that he has always appreciated Surestep’s approach to SMO fit and function. He explained that the circumferential compression philosophy, or “tight is right,” makes great sense, because it maintains the dynamic movement of the foot.

Rob’s positive attitude and zest for life makes working in a family-centered, patient-focused atmosphere a perfect fit. “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is watching the youngest population we treat improve week by week,” he said.  “It’s so gratifying to watch a child become a steady walker rather quickly. You get to see life-changing outcomes happen right in front of you every day.”

In addition to evaluating and fitting for lower extremity orthotics, Rob is an expert at treating children with deformational plagiocephaly and those who need post-operative cranial remolding. These are time-sensitive treatments that require a committed family unit to ensure the best possible outcome for the child. “I love watching the progress with cranial remodeling. It’s mind-blowing how quickly you see positive results,” he said. “This is why I love being an orthotist.”

Outside of the office, Rob enjoys bike rides and outdoor exploration with his wife, Megan. He also loves to watch his son, Charlie, play baseball and golf, along with helping his daughter, Emma, navigate her way through academics and her choice of a college to attend.

Rob is looking forward to being able to collaborate with physical therapists and physicians in person more regularly in 2022. With more than 23 years of orthotic experience, he believes in a holistic, team-based approach to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Rob and his team are skilled in many areas of orthotic and prosthetic care, including:

  • Pediatrics
  • Cranial Remolding Orthoses
  • Lower Extremity Development
  • Gait Analysis and Human Locomotion
  • Orthoses for Pectus Carinatum and Other Conditions
  • Adult and Pediatric Prosthetics

If you would like to learn more about any of these topics and are in the Chicago or Merrillville area, contact us to schedule a lunch and learn with Rob!