Prosthetic Limbs You Can Rely On

No two people are alike and no two prosthetic experiences are the same either. We understand the physical and emotional challenges that come from limb loss. That’s why we are determined to find the right solution and ease the transition into the new normal for your life.

Our custom-made prostheses are not only tailored to the patient’s specific physical needs, but they also take into account lifestyle goals.  With experience in both upper and lower extremity prosthetics, our clinicians are passionate about designing, fabricating and fitting devices that allow optimal function.  This process is an exact science to be sure, but it also requires clinicians who know how to listen to a patient’s unique needs and concerns. Prosthetic services are available at the following locations:


Everything is coming back, that’s all I want is my normal… It’s very helpful to come in and be greeted with a big smile. Your professionalism and just getting it done, getting it done right, and getting it done quickly has helped change my life.