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Positioning Techniques

While a cranial remolding orthosis can have a large impact on the cranial and facial asymmetries, so can simple positioning techniques. When the asymmetries are mild, and often when they are moderate, the progression of the asymmetries can be halted and often reversed by using the following techniques. The earlier you start the better.

  • Supervised tummy time
  • Rearrange crib relative to light source
  • Limit time spent in supine or back position
  • Alternating back and side sleeping
  • Gentle neck motion exercises
  • Rotating chair activity
  • Limit time spent in car seat, carriers and swings

Physical Therapy

It may be recommended that your baby be evaluated by a physical therapist. If torticollis is noted, it is important that the asymmetrical tightening of the muscles of the neck be addressed. This is best done through a physical therapy evaluation and home stretching program. With severe torticollis, the baby should be in physical therapy, if circumstances allow.


Torticollis is a tightening of the neck muscles that rotate the head. This will cause the baby to tilt and/or rotate the head to one side more than the other, encouraging the flattening of the opposite side of the head. Physical therapy may be warranted to resolve the tightness.

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