Fort Wayne, IN

///Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, IN


Orthotic Solutions for Neuromuscular and Idiopathic Scoliosis and Toe Walking

This course will introduce the attendee to the importance of trunk and head control as well as proper breathing development and mechanics. The teachings of Mary Massery will be used to help the attendee formulate daily practice plans for evaluation, treatment and orthotic management of their patients with poor head and trunk control and breathing. Treatment solutions, including the Surestep TLSO & Dynamic Cervical Orthosis (DCO), along with appropriate breathing modifications, will be discussed. Attendees will also learn evaluation techniques to improve postural control and breathing. This course will also introduce the attendee to current orthotic management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).  Attendees will learn the types of curves, how they progress, and when to treat AIS.  TLSO designs will be discussed, including traditional Boston style designs, contemporary asymmetrical TLSOs and nighttime TLSOs.  The attendee will learn about the importance of post fitting evaluation and follow up along with physical therapy.  Current evidence in orthotic management of scoliosis as it relates to AIS will be used to complement case studies. The primary reasons why a patient might toe walk will be discussed in this course so that attendees will better understand what to consider when evaluating for orthotic intervention. Multiple patients and multiple solutions to treating “idiopathic” toe walking will be shown. Surestep SMOs, Toe Walking SMOs and AFOs will be introduced as an orthotic intervention.