Chicago, IL

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR Orthotic Solutions for Neuromuscular and Idiopathic Scoliosis and Toe Walking This course will introduce the attendee to the importance of trunk and head control as well as proper breathing development and mechanics. The teachings of Mary Massery will be used to help the attendee formulate daily

Cranial Remolding – Chicago & Merrillville

Cranial Remolding The What, When, and Why of Treatment Cranial remolding is most successful when treated early. In this course, we will discuss the primary reasons why it's important for early detection, the statistics of potential correction based on age when provided with a helmet, and possible orthotic solutions to help

Are my child’s SMOs too small?

Standard Surestep SMOs have a unique design. Unlike many other types of pediatric orthotics, the footplate stops well short of your child’s toes. This is intentional. The size and shape allow for greater freedom of movement. However, this design can also make it difficult to know when the child has outgrown their Surestep SMOs. Here are a