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Transcend Offering Alternate Visit Options for Patients

To better provide patients with service as well as safety in our current environment, Transcend Orthotics and Prosthetics now offers several different appointment options:

Virtual Visits

Connecting with our clinicians no longer requires an in-person appointment. Virtual visits, which last approximately 30 minutes, can be scheduled as a phone call, a video chat, or over Zoom. We can also receive and answer questions via text message.

Meeting virtually is a great option for:

  • Patients who have a medically fragile family member
  • Kids whose appointments were typically held at school
  • Families who feel uncomfortable visiting our office

Open-Air School Parking Lot Clinics

Some schools no longer allow healthcare providers inside the building. However, that does not erase the need for orthotic and prosthetic care. In select locations, kids can visit our open-air clinic outside the facility.

Mobile Service

If anyone in the family is at high risk for COVID-19, we can visit on-site, delivering and evaluating devices without patients needing to leave home. For additional safety, requests can be made for open-air visits outside the house.

To learn more about these options at our locations, please click here for contact information.

Please keep in mind that pediatric orthotics should be reevaluated every six months. This ensures the best fit possible. To learn more about properly fitting SMOs, please click here.