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Contracture Management

Contracture Management We have all experienced great challenges over the past 18 months, and we now face the frustrations of catching up.  Our patients have experienced many delays through missed appointments and less rigid schedules. As a result, many children have lost range of motion and developed contractures that must be addressed for better mobility and improved quality of life.

Contractures result from a tightening of the skin, tendons, muscles, and nearby tissues. They can be caused by atypical movement patterns combined with rapid growth, a lack of continued therapy, an extended break, or an inconsistent schedule of wearing AFOs.

As healthcare professionals, what can we do to help these pediatric patients?

Transcend clinicians support the patient care team by providing contracture management orthotic devices to help stretch things in the right direction.

Who could benefit from devices that assist with contracture management?

  • Patients who have contractures or are at risk of developing them
  • Patients with low or high muscle tone
  • Patients receiving spasticity or contracture management treatments

What options are available to my patients?

  • Dynamic (low-load prolonged stretch)—Ultraflex or  Multimotion
  • Static progressive
  • AFO, KO, KAFO, and EO

What are the benefits of these devices?

  • They can improve function in daytime activities
  • They can improve the effectiveness of daytime orthoses
  • They can improve range of motion, which can improve comfort and mobility

What additional services does Transcend provide?

  • Facilitating care team communication
  • Understanding family and caregiver expectations
  • Explaining dosage or wear schedule
  • Building a thorough follow-up program
  • Assisting with navigating insurance coverage

If you have questions about how to manage children with contractures, please reach out to your local clinical expert. Click here for the contact information for your local Transcend team.